Developers say possibilites are endless for...

Posted at 5:32 PM, Apr 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-13 19:19:58-04

A sold sign is about to go up on a prime piece of Omaha real estate.

“It's a huge tract of land with the two sides combined, it's approaching 500 acres,” said TJ Twit, CEO/President of World Group. 

Boys Town is selling 260 acres stretching from 144th to 150th streets along West Dodge Road, all the way south to Pacific Street.  The DeMarco family is selling 225 acres of farmland on the other side of Pacific. 

“Anything can go there, I mean the sky is the limit because of the size,” said Twit.

Commercial real estate firm, World Group CEO/President TJ Twit says developers have wanted to get their hands on the land for years.  The Noddle Company has been hired as the lead developer of the land by a company with local workers and ties, but because of a confidentiality agreement, the company can’t be identified.

“There is no single use or single user that will take up 500 acres that is currently in our marketplace, I can tell you that,” said Twit.

Twit says even though the unidentified company will anchor the land, there will still be hundreds of acres of dirt left to overturn. 

“I've been hoping something has been coming,” said Dr. Kayla St. Aubin.

Dr. Kayla St. Aubin says the development news has been the talk of her shopping plaza where she has her chiropractic business near 144th and Pacific. 

“I would like to see an area like Asksarben, something built up with more restaurants,” said St. Aubin. 

Boys Town spokeswoman Kara Neuvert says Boys Town will not be part of the development, but there are restrictions of what can be built on the land.  She says there is the potential for new offices, single and multi-family housing, restaurants and limited retail.