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'Digital footprint' helped to find Loofe's body

Posted at 6:25 PM, Dec 05, 2017
and last updated 2019-07-05 13:55:55-04

Lincoln Police said 'digital footprints' helped them located a body in Clay County believed to be Sydney Loofe. 

3 News Now talked with retired former FBI Special Agent Weysan Dun, about what this is.

"You're talking about accessing the data from the mobile communications providers and analyzing that data from where the particular device was located at what point in time," said Dun.

The digital analysis is from your cell phones or internet connection Dun said that can help solve crimes, "The provider of that service has to know where you are located because they have to be able to connect to your signal they have to be able to connect that call."

But these digital bread crums can be a double-edge sword, "If you're sophisticated enough you can do things like spoof a cell phone signal or potentially spoof a website," warned Dun. 

While watching this case from the outside, Dun said law enforcement agencies are doing a good job as presumingly Loofe's body was found based on digital analysis. 

"Suggests that they are taking advantage of all of the information they legally have access to and hopefully analyzing that".