Displaced Benson residents wait to hear about their homes day after explosion

Posted at 12:10 PM, Jul 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-26 13:24:47-04

"It's horrible. It's like you lose everything."

Only 24 hours after the house  next door exploded, sending glass debris and insulation blocks away Rachel Eadie comes back to see what's left.

"We're all safe and healthy. But then it's like you have nothing. Nothing." she said.

"And it just makes you think of all the people who lose their homes to tornadoes and floods it makes you open your heart a little bit more."

Eadie may have a few scratches and bruises but said she is one lucky lady.

"I heard a big boom. And all of a sudden crash and that was obviously the roof falling on me."

The mother said she was sleeping when the house next door exploded early Monday afternoon.

 Once she woke up, it was chaos.

 She couldn't move but she could hear her kids screaming.

 She felt helpless and trapped.

 Moments later, Eadie's husband pulled her out of the rubble.

 Crews rushed Eadie to a hospital.

She was later released the same day.

Having lived at her house for 20 years, she's unable to go back home today.

She told KMTV that her  kids are taking this news very hard. 

Eadie and her family spent the night with relatives.

They're not able to go inside their home to get their belongings.

It remains unclear whether they'll be able to live there given the current state of their home.

Omaha Fire is asking residents who were displaced from their home to call American Red Cross at 844-334-7569.