Dog left for dead is now making a quick recovery thanks to some animal lovers

Posted at 4:55 PM, Jun 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-28 22:44:06-04

“She didn’t have much longer.  I mean I don’t want to be dramatic, but she was seriously in trouble,” said Jeanette Hunt Animal Shelter volunteer Taryn Brewuer. 

On Sunday, while Walker Moore and Hunter McClain of Blair were fishing in a creek off of County Rd. 16, they spotted a dog in distress.  One of the teen’s had his mom called the Washington County Sheriff’s Office for help.  Deputy David Page enlisted the help of a local animal rescue.  

“I told him that I’m an equine rescue, but I have rescue dogs so I’ll help you the best I can,” said Kate Burleson.

Roscoe’s Rescue Ranch President Kate Burleson called Brewuer for backup.

“By the time we got there she was down on her side and we weren’t sure if she wasn’t already gone,” said Brewuer.

The elderly dog was barely breathing.  She was dehydrated, starving and stuck in the mud.  The group tried to pull the dog up the hill on Sheriff Deputy Page’s raincoat, but he ended up just carrying the pup. 

“Nobody hesitated, nobody complained.  Everybody just jumped in and did what they needed to do to get that dog out of there,” said Burleson.

Burleson says in the chaos of the rescue, they noticed the dog had a mark on her neck from where a collar once was.  Chances are she didn’t wander to that creek herself.  

“I don’t know who would do something like that? How could you just abandon a dog that old like that, when she needs her family the most at that stage in her life,” said Burleson. 

 The women vowed to nurse the dog back to health and are shocked by how quickly she is recovering.

“She has done so much better than we had hoped,” said Brewuer.
“She is one tough old girl, she really is,” said Burleson. 

The shelter hopes that one day soon when the dog is healthy enough, she will get to live out the rest of her life in a loving home.

“She is very elderly, but you know everybody deserves to have their life,” said Brewuer. 

The shelter says through hearing about her on social media, a few people have already inquired about adopting the dog.