Don Bacon and Brad Ashford face off in 2nd debate

Posted at 6:28 PM, Oct 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-14 20:41:30-04

Second Congressional District candidates Brad Ashford and Don Bacon squared off for their second debate this week.


On Tuesday, they took on issues such as healthcare and fighting Isis in a debate sponsored by KMTV and our partners the Omaha World-Herald.


Friday it was more of the same but one thing audience members say they can point out is the respect each candidate has for each other.


Don Bacon and Brad Ashford both want your vote.


So they say they are discussing issues that matter and how to fix them, like healthcare.


"You can't essentially repeal something then wait for something else to fall down the pipe, I’m fine with repealing some parts of Obama Care if it doesn't work," said Brad Ashford.


Bacon says Obama Care continues to kill the middle class.


"The average person is going to see an increase in their healthcare from when Obama Care started by $4,500 increase, the promise when it was passed was that we would go down $2,500,” said Don Bacon.


“That's a huge turn around," Bacon continued.


Each candidate held the crowd’s attention expressing opposing views.


League of Women Voters president Elaine Johnson says she likes the respect they have for each other, unlike what we are seeing on the national level.


"We learn so much more about issues and things that will impact Omaha in those debates because they weren't fighting all the time and they really have a good relationship with one another," said Elaine Johnson.


Ashford told voters Bacon is a Trump supporter while Bacon says Ashford is an opportunist who switches parties at his convenience.


Both agree it takes respect for each side to hear and iron out the real problems in America.


"The presidential debates right now are embarrassing with the rudeness and the name calling, I don't like it, I wouldn't want to be a part of it," Bacon said.


"You get the parties out of the way and you just talk about issues and that kind of happened today,” Ashford said.


“The party stuff gets involved a little bit," Ashford continued.


 Both candidates say illegal immigration is a huge issue in America, but also locally, and want to tackle the problem if voted into office.