Douglas County assures your vote will count

Posted at 5:17 PM, Nov 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-02 18:23:42-04

State officials will be joined by local election watchers in Omaha.

Douglas county officials say they are taking steps to make sure your vote counts.

With such a close race there have been concerns around the country about voter fraud.

Douglas County Election Commissioner Brian Kruse wants voters to know there will be zero tolerance for it here.

"Voter fraud in Douglas County is extremely rare and on the rare occasion that it happens we do take it very seriously," Kruse said.

He says maintaining voter profiles is not something they just think of on Election Day.

They go through a process of updating records to keep it clean and concise.

"So when voters go to the polls on Election Day the polling books will contain the most accurate and updated information," Kruse said.

Early voters say they don't think it will be a problem here in Omaha.

"I believe the infrastructure that we have here in Omaha; particularly this site is really run well, I have no worries," Steve Harrison said.

Kruse says Douglas County is seeing record numbers in early voting and expecting that number to rise.

"In 2012 the total number between by mail request and in person was 76 thousand; we have surpassed the 90 thousand mark already for early voting," Kruse said.

The shorter lines may have a lot to do with its popularity

"It was quick, it was quick, we expected to stand outside but we didn't have to," said Atiana Akyea-Larbi.

Although Kruse is expecting about a 70 percent turn out on Election Day he's hoping voters prove him wrong with a higher turnout.

"The voters of Douglas County can be assured that there will definitely be enough ballots at the polls on Election Day," Kruse said.