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Douglas County Commissioners disagree over juvenile justice center

Posted at 2:36 PM, Sep 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-26 07:07:35-04

The Douglas County Commissioners voted on three resolutions regarding the proposed juvenile justice center at 18th and Howard. 

The Board of Commissioners voted 5-2 against three motions which would've stopped the downtown justice center from moving forward.  The board also voted 5-2 against rescinding the use of eminent domain, postponing the project so all options can be discussed publicly, and renovating the Douglas County Youth Center.

Commissioners Jim Cavanaugh and Mike Boyle were the two to vote for the resolutions.

In total, 16 people spoke on behalf of postponing discussion and not using eminent domain. 

Last week, the owner of the building received a temporary injunction preventing the county from taking the buildingthrough eminent domain. Boyle said Monday night that he would do everything in his power to stop eminent domain being used. 

The building owner, Bob Perrin, was upset with the decision.

"Well it's totally devastating I mean we're going to lose a piece of history the whole community could benefit from. we're going to potentially destroy an emerging district that's important to our economic viability for the entire city and for the commissioners to have missed that point and to continue on a path before they knew the information is just amazing to me," Perrin explained.

The lawsuit filed by Perrin will most likely have to be worked out before Douglas County can proceed with any further action.

HDR, the company hired by the county to develop the plan, says they will bring a more accurate estimate of the cost of the project to a meeting in October.