Douglas Goldsberry also accused of scamming $5000 from woman for legitimate work

Posted at 1:17 PM, May 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-12 14:30:19-04

The story of a man accused of sending prostitutes to a neighbor's house takes another twist. Douglas Goldsberry faces a felony charge of pandering, stemming from a three-and-a-half year period which the sex workers would strip, urinate in bushes and damage property belonging to his next-door neighbor, according to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

 A woman, who asked to remain anonymous, says sex workers weren’t the only victims. The woman called into the “Big Party Morning Show” Friday to share her encounter with the suspect, claiming he scammed her out of $5,000.

 But not for a sex act. Instead, legitimate work.

Goldsberry, using the alias “Rick McCan,” hired her as a personal assistant, according to the woman. He said he worked for Wells Fargo as an executive, but the financial institution would not hire a personal assistant for him – so he planned to hire one himself, she says. “Everything was just well thought out during the process,” she says. “You cannot trace anything to him.”

The woman claims her encounter with Goldsberry started last fall online, where he found her resume. It soon shifted through a complicated situation over texting. During the process, I was not only in contact with Rick McCan, I was in contact with his [human resources] person Bryan Jemino [and] I was given a reference, she tells 3 News Now.

 She only spoke to Goldsberry over the phone while the others used texting, she says. Looking back, she believes Goldsberry pretended to be all three. Whenever she called HR or the reference, the phone call went straight to a generic voicemail, according to the woman.

Once she accepted the position, she says they met up to go over hiring paperwork at a coffee shop. Besides a good salary, perks also came with the position such as a company car and a place to live, if she wanted, she says.Only working for him for a month, she alleges he wrote bounced paychecks totaling to $5,000.

 Then, over the holidays he told her to visit an Elkhorn home – claiming it as his own – for work-related matters in the evening, she says. Running late, he told her to wait.

On the way there, she claims he told her he could see her through home surveillance and asked her to do the unthinkable. “If that's really you, then do this for me – basically alluded to me taking my clothes off for him and I basically said, “No.”

She left and later returned with her sister that same evening, she says. When she spoke to a homeowner, she says she demanded answers from the family and wanted to know if they were involved with McCan. To her surprise, she says she learned they too told her they were victims. So far, the woman says she hasn’t filed a police report.