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Downtown development could be coming to Papillion

Posted at 2:26 PM, Apr 27, 2018

Downtown Papillion could be getting a new development. 

City officials said the city council members will vote on Tuesday to deem a portion of land just west of downtown as “blighted and substandard” to make way for TIF to lure in a developer.

The area includes the Papillion Fire Department #3, the current Parks and Rec department, and the old Public Works Department which is a historic building.

"What we're trying to do with this initiative is to spur some redevelopment in this area, it's obviously an aging area it's also part of our downtown there's a lot of potential to extend some of the great energy that we got", said Papillion Communications Manager Trenton Albers.

There's no plans on where to move the fire station, the parks and rec department will move into the new community center. 

Albers said a redevelopment authority committee of 5 people will decide what type of development will be placed on the nearly 5-acres. 
While talks of this started in March, the city said it could be until next year before a developer is picked. 

Community members are excited to see more development could be happening, "More restaurants, housing, shops, that all adds to the vibe of downtown Papillion and that's what we want," said downtown business owner Kevyn Sopinski.