Dozens injured by fireworks throughout Nebraska

Posted at 3:04 PM, Jul 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-05 16:04:55-04

In Omaha, and throughout the state, dozens of people were injured by fireworks in the last two weeks. 

In Omaha alone, 38 people were treated at Nebraska Medicine or Methodist Hospital.

Nebraska Medicine has treated 18 people at its Nebraska Medical Center campus and six at its Bellevue campus since it began tracking firework-related injuries on June 25. According to a release, a majority of the injuries were amputations, burns and lacerations. 

Methodist treated 14 total with most patients having lacerations and abrasions from firework debris or the mishandling of fireworks. Methodist began tracking on June 30 and all patients with firework-related injuries have been released. 

In Lincoln on July 3, two men suffered significant injuries in two separate incidents. One man had an artillery shell explode in his hand causing injuries to his hand and neck. Two hours later, another man injured his hand because of a broken fuse. 

During the firework sale period, three people were treated for minor firework injuries and another had to go to the trauma center in Fremont.

In Washington County on July 4, a man needed to be airlifted out of the De Soto area after firework explosion caused significant burns on his hand and body.