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Dozens of Council Bluffs residents upset after eviction notice

Posted at 5:10 PM, Jun 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-01 18:10:33-04

Dozens of residents at a Council Bluffs apartment complex were served eviction notices on Thursday, being told they had 24 hours to pay a hefty bill, or get booted out. 

At least 30 residents at Hidden Bluffs apartments in Council Bluffs had no choice but to skip work Friday in order to protest their eviction notices.

"It's not fair, I got four kids to worry about and I'm sure I'm not the only one who has kids in this complex to worry about," Aylamae Jones, resident at Hidden Bluffs. 

Trinity MultiFamily took over the complex from Lund Company last month. Residents say the apartment manager told them that Lund failed to give the new owners any paperwork from the residents. Therefore the manager asked residents to prove they paid rent in May, or they could get thrown out. 

"She said the reason was to get their attention, so they come talk to her, I think there's better ways of doing that than saying you're going to be evicted in less than 24 hours,” Alice Sales, resident at Hidden Bluffs. 

While some can prove they paid last month, others like Misty Wiese say they have no receipts but won't pay rent again. 

"I'm going to call their bluffs and there's a lot of in there calling their bluffs because something happened to our money and we want to know where,” Misty Wiese, resident at Hidden Bluffs. 

3 News Now requested an interview with the apartment manager but she declined comment. The corporate office did not return a call also asking for comment.

"Slapping eviction notices on doors like this, that's just straight poor management. I don't care who you are, I've been in management in places, you just don't do that,” says Jones.

 Wiese says she plans to move out of the complex by the end of the summer. 

“I mean how can you do that, we all need places to live and you're going to do this to us,” says Wiese. 

One Council Bluffs attorney says that he has never heard of a 24 hour eviction before, and that landlords are required to give their tenants at least three days notice before filing an FED, which officially boots a tenant from the complex.