Dozens of guns stolen from Sarpy County man

Posted at 4:59 PM, Feb 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-09 18:12:57-05

A thief with some sort of big truck stole items used for a man's hunting hobby in Sarpy County and along with it his sense of security.

Authorities are concerned since more than three dozen guns are nowhere to be found and so far investigators have no suspects.

The crime took place just south of Springfield, Nebraska.

The victim, Ed Foral, who is an avid hunter. If you take a look inside his garage, there’s deer heads and taxidermy animals lining the walls. But what's not here is Foral's safe with dozens of guns and ammo

“Unbelievable I never thought it would happen here,” said Foral.

The theft happened sometime in mid-November according to Foral when he was out hunting. When he came home and found his guns missing.

“Mine was right here (pointing to where the safe was) in fact I got it laid out on the wall where I was going to build them in, I was going to build a wall and bolted it to the floor I guess they couldn't have gotten it if I did that,” said Foral.

According to Foral, the thief kicked down his door to go into his garage, “You can see the jam all busted up.”

 Foral said the thief possibly opened the garage door to dolly the heavy safe into a truck. During the time of the burglary Foral says he was having landscaping work done with several different trucks on his property.

“So it wouldn't be anything out of the usual a couple pickups messing around here or maybe a couple guys raking or opening the door up or back their truck in here,” said Foral.

It’s burglaries like these the Sarpy County sheriff's office worries about.

“The magnitude of the number of firearms stolen here has us especially concerned because it just multiplies the availability for criminals to use them for additional crimes,” said Sgt. Greg Monico.

Foral is adamant this will never happen to him again, adding security cameras-and posted a = message on the door, saying ‘Try it, good luck, you’re going to need it’.

There’s a $5,000 dollar reward for a tip leading to an arrest.

Anyone with information should call Sarpy County Crimestoppers hotline at 402-592-STOP.