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Dozens of options on table for Missouri Riverfront area

Posted at 5:56 PM, May 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-30 18:56:53-04

City officials are hearing from members of the public tonight in downtown Council Bluffs on what they want from the Missouri Riverfront area.

On nice days the riverfront attracts folks looking to exercise and enjoy nature. But community leaders believe more can be done on both sides of the river. 

There are plenty of possibilities. Some want more chances to get connected with nature.  Therefore an option to add more nature and riverfront trails is on the table, as is a plan to add more camping spots. Omaha resident Alyssa Strickland is one that comes to the area for various outdoor activities.  

"I really like the simplicity of it right now, you have the  bridge and the trails. There's people but not too many people," says Strickland.

Another proposal would give visitors the chance to grab some food while they're out near the river. Whether that be a formal restaurant, or something smaller. In past meetings people have also said they would like more boating opportunities along the river, or even a water taxi that would allow them to cross the river. 

Strickland likes that idea. 

"I think it would bring some people, I think it's something different, there's not really a water taxi in other cities and I really like the river,” says Strickland. 

So while dozens of different options are being mulled over, officials are hoping to use input from the meeting tonight, as well as another meeting in two weeks in Omaha, to whittle down the options.