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Dr. Logan hoping to keep students excited about school

Posted at 6:01 PM, Aug 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-15 19:01:00-04

Omaha Public School's superintendent Dr. Cheryl Logan made her rounds at different schools and bus stops today to make her presence known.

OPS is even using social media as a tool to connect and welcome back students.

Dr. Logan says it's her mission to get all students excited about the first day of school,
hoping that momentum will last through the school year.

Kindergartners got a surprise visit during lunch time from their new superintendent.

"Helping them open their milk carton, which is exciting, picking out what they want,  which is exciting and the most important thing meeting their teacher and getting to know their new school," said Dr. Cheryl Logan.

Dr. Logan sat with students individually, getting to know them and hoping to make a good first impression.

"I noticed her interacting with the kids a lot," said Michele Knapp.

The new superintendent says this is an exciting time for OPS students.

"There's so much good and sometimes just having someone come in from the outside and say hey it is wonderful here is affirming," said Dr. Logan.

She's even using social media to send positive messages about learning.

Michele Knapp has been working at Field Club for nearly two decades, she says this day has been a new experience.

"Usually it's total chaos on the first day of school, especially with kindergartners, but it was smooth as pie," said Knapp.

"The 18 years I've been here, it's never been this smooth," said Knapp.

Dr. Logan say it's a small push that'll keep students going throughout the year.

"That excitement leads to more learning in the classroom," Dr. Logan.