Suspected drunk driver crashes SUV into home

Posted at 5:58 PM, Feb 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-29 09:07:58-05

Jeffrey Moorn, 12, thought he heard  gunshots, so he hid under the covers in his bed. A few moments later, his mother came running in the room.

“I get up and I see a headlight right here flashing," said Moorn, pointing to the gaping hole in his wall.

Police say 56-year-old Dwayne Dancer sped eastbound down Park Lane Drive at 61st Street. Dancer struck a speed bump sign, crossed over to the south side of the road and struck a parked vehicle before slamming into the house.

Jeffrey's mother, Trenda Titsworth, confronted the man after the incident.

Titsworth said the man could have killed her son, but he was more concerned about the condition of his SUV.

No one was injured.

The story could have ended much differently, if Jeffery hadn't moved his bed just days before.

"She said I'm always moving my room, but luckily I did, because if I wouldn't of, I would have been hit," Moorn said.

This family believes divine intervention kept their son safe.

"We're very lucky, he even said so himself,” Titsworth said. “He was like, 'Mom, that was God, cause I could've been hurt,.'"