Dundee Theater set to reopen

Posted at 6:55 PM, Feb 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-24 19:55:50-05

For decades, it was a popular theater in Dundee where you could see classic movies for just a few bucks, but then operators closed it down for repairs.

Now the Dundee Theater is set to reopen after Film Stream had it donated to them by the Sherwood Foundation.

Most of the businesses nearby are excited to see the doors re-open.

“The theater is a part of Omaha, and we are very glad it was sold to so, done who wants to bring it back not tear it down,” said Anne McKnight who owns a cosmetic shop down the street.

The owners of Dugger’s Café are also excited for the potential busses surge, “we are exited, very excited, it is going to bring recognition to the area and it is also going to bring in more patrons.”

Film streams executive director, Rachel Jacobson, says this is the very beginning of the process.
they want to make sure they respect the history of the building during the renovation. 

“We want to make sure it is preserved and people have a contemporary movie theater experience that the sound is wonderful the picture is wonderful and the seats are comfortable and all that,” said Jacobson.

Although other businesses are excited, the bar next door will be forced to close within the next year because the renovation will carry over into their space. The bar owner declined to comment, but Jacobson says they have to make sure the theater will last.

“We want to make sure with this project is survives another 90 years or another 100 years, we couldn't see another option to make it work, it need a lobby, and it needs an entrance in order to be a viable movie theater,” said Jacobson.

There is no final plan for the Dundee Theater to be complete, but the goal is by 2018.