Eclipse 2017: Bellevue Public Schools celebrates eclipse

Posted at 11:26 AM, Aug 21, 2017

Teachers and students had a rare opportunity with the total solar eclipse. Bellevue Public School got the seal of approval from NASA as a sponsor for the eclipse, one of two locations in Nebraska. 

Monday afternoon hundreds of 7th and 8th graders from Logan Fontenelle Middle School were under the sun.

The students spent the afternoon traveling to different stations from a photo booth, to making scientific guesses, and even playing games, and they were all eclipse related.

“This eclipse is touching all of America and they are going to have an experience that is common with the entire US and at this time in our county we can use a great community feel and community effort,” said 8th grade English teach Santha Walters.

Walters helped get the NASA sponsorship, which focuses on safety.

“We met with police, the fire department to make sure we had a safety plan in place,” she said, and added the importance of the eclipse glasses too.

As the moon started to pass in front of the sun, the students gathered on the football field and watch the once in a lifetime event.

“It got cold and it’s windy,” said 8th grade student Hattie Baird.

She stood beside Baylee Egan who was looking around as the skies grew darker, “The lights are on at the school,” said Egan.

BPS said they saw a high number of absences on Monday and at Logan Fontenelle they had about 50% of their students absent.