Eclipse 2017: Ravenna gets visitors from around the world

Posted at 10:20 AM, Aug 21, 2017

One of the best places to view the great solar eclipse was right in the middle of Nebraska. In Ravenna, the ball fields were packed with people from across the nation and around the globe to catch the astronomical event.

"Probably end up being one of my most exciting moments," 11-year-old Samuel Goodwin said.

Astronomers from Kansas were on hand to witness the total solar eclipse and teach others what they are seeing and experiencing.

At 12:58 p.m. — the moment everyone waited for — the moon crossed over the sun, and Ravenna went dark. The crowd cheered as the temperatures lowered and a rooster made a noise.

"You kind of lose the thought that you're looking at the sun — it's a perfect moon," Elaine Haarberg said.

Afterwards, the crowd on the ball field tried for the world record number of people simultaneously doing the moonwalk.

Officials planning this event say they were pleased with the event.

"Crowds of people but yet not insane crowds where you could enjoy it, you can get people from place to place comfortably," said Gena McPherson, executive director of the Ravenna Chamber of Commerce.

It was really cool because I can finally say to my friends I stared at the sun," said Sylvia Taylor, 14, of Minneapolis.

Eclipse gear was a hot commodity, of course, and many shops in Ravenna sold out.

Ravenna now looks forward to its next big event: Junkstock at the end of September.