Elderly woman neglects, scams friend

Posted at 2:27 PM, Jul 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-15 15:27:04-04

Friends for decades, now destroyed by betrayal.

Relatives say Jackie Belgrave trusted Barbara White with her life.

What was supposed to be a day for justice, Fell short for Belgrave's niece.

“I believe it was pre-meditated on Ms. White's behalf for many years maybe even upon arrival at my aunt's house,” Laura Medeiros said.

Medeiros said her aunt suffers from dementia... Becoming vulnerable while the two friends lived together, first in California and then in Papillion.

“I'm sure my aunt was abuse for physically for years by this woman because she has no way to make a memory. She has not been able to for years and this woman knows it” Medeiros said.

Sarpy County Sheriff's Office says they told white she had become a victim of a scam overseas.

Where an investment promised big returns from a non-existent lottery.

But in July of 2015, they learned she continued to send money.

This time, using Belgrave's account information while white cared for her.

Originally charged with a felony for 'abuse of vulnerable adult'.

White entered a plea of 'no contest' facing possibly penalties of a thousand dollar fine and or one year of in jail.

The appearance left loved ones questioning the judicial system.

Medeiros said that attorney generals at the state level need to be providing this information their people in the counties so they can understand how to prosecute.

"They need to be changing laws to protect the elders," she said.

Belgrave's niece told KMTV that White placed her name on all of Belgrave's properties in California and Hawaii.

They were able to have them returned.

But some have been sold since the women lived together.

White's next court appearance for sentencing is scheduled for September.

White declined to comment.