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Elementary students participate in speech competition

Posted at 8:48 AM, Mar 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-16 10:00:11-04

When you think of school speech contests, you probably think of students at high school level. But elementary aged students are getting in on the action in District 66. 

Throughout the semester, sixth grade students have been working on speeches about historical figures that shaped them. The competition allows students to use their critical thinking, confidence and research skills. 

"I knew since the fifth grade that I wanted to do Frederick Douglass because I think he such a true American hero," Oakdale student Preston Okafor said. 

Each student wrote a speech at the classroom and building level and the top speech from each elementary school was chosen by judges throughout the district. From there, the top three overall will be recognized at the Kwanis Club and share their speech and be recognized for their accomplishment. 

The speeches have helped prepare the students long-term. 

"There's a lot of critical thinking that goes into this," Rockbrook principal Garrett Higginbotham said. "Students have to do some research on the individual  that they base their speeches around they also have to practice their writing when you're when their crafting their speeches so there's a lot of skills integrated into this project." 

"We're probably going to have to do it like when we get our jobs", Okafor said, "so I think this is probably a good practice for us getting used to it."