Elkhorn fire district to end contract with Omaha in December 2018

Elkhorn Fire, Omaha to end contract in Dec. 2018
Posted at 6:11 PM, Aug 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-30 23:24:33-04

Beginning Dec. 31, 2018, the Elkhorn Suburban Fire District will end its agreement with the City of Omaha for fire, rescue and medical services. 

Once the current agreement ends in 2018, Elkhorn will establish its own fire department, according to a letter received by the city, which has provided services in Elkhorn since 2009.

Right now, the Elkhorn Fire District has only one fire station, and it is staffed by the Omaha Fire Department.

According to a release, the city of Omaha, in addition to the mayor and the fire chief are concerned this change is not in the best interest of the citizens of the Elkhorn Fire District.

The Elkhorn Fire District serves 36 square miles and 75 S.I.Ds.

The Elkhorn Suburban Fire District board issued a statement via Bill Armburst, its president, stating that the board has been researching how to provide "excellent fire and rescue protection to our district at a reasonable property tax levy.

"Our board moved to take on the task of recreating the historically excellent Elkhorn fire and rescue when it became clear the city could not offer a contract at a fair and equitable price for our taxpayers," the statment continues.

"We appreciate the city's effort in this negotiation and look forward to a positive cooperation with them similar to Omaha Fire departments work with the 10 other bordering fire districts."