Embrace Blue starts letter-campaign for police

Posted at 11:25 PM, Aug 31, 2016

After a tough summer of nationwide police tension, a group is asking for support for not only those that wear the badge, but for their families as well. 

Embrace Blue FOPA, organized under the Fraternal Order of Police, is organizing a letter-writing campaign during the month of September, to strengthen officers and their families in Omaha. 

Kathleen McCallister, a police captain's wife and organizer of the campaign says, "police officers and their families are under severe stress with regard to officer's lives being under great threat and danger right now."

"In order to calm fears and build support for the Omaha police, we are asking the public to engage in supportive actions towards police at this time," continued McCallister. 

Organizers are asking the community to write letters and send cards to local police and their families, highlighting their gratitude for their service, and appreciating the family's courage in sending their loved ones to work each day. 

"To take the time to write out a letter, the thought that goes into it - I mean, a lot of cops won’t show it because you know we kind put that facade on sometimes, but underneath that facade, it still touches us to see, that somebody took time to say thank you, took that time to write that letter – it’s a neat feeling to receive that from the community," says Capt. Mike McGee with OPD. 

The cards and letters will be delivered to the Omaha Police Department by organizers throughout the next few weeks. 

"If you want to show support with a gift, please help officers build relationships through Community Policing with children - new, small donated items are welcome and would be appreciated by officers so that they can give them to children," says McCallister. "The more positive interactions that officers have with the community, the stronger we will be as one Omaha."

Donated items can be dropped off at any local precinct. 

If you would like to mail letters and cards, they can be sent to:

Embrace Blue

P.O. Box 241361

Omaha, NE 68124