Emotional Emancipation Circles could help...

Posted at 11:06 PM, Mar 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-27 00:06:30-04

Local African American leaders say they’re taking action to stop self-esteem issues that they said have been plaguing their community for generations.

Emotional Emancipation Circles are what some black leaders say is the answer to some of those negative stereotypes and want to have a forum in which to discuss these issues. Hoping this is the start of a whole new era in black self-esteem.

“We are not enough, that black people aren't smart enough, that black people aren't healthy enough,” said Shelley Henderson an EEC supporter.

That’s the thinking Henderson says needs to go as she says this attitude has dampened progress in the black community.

“So if this is what the message is about me, I must be that way,” said Henderson.

On Saturday, a group of Omahans watched videos that addressed self-esteem issues from the black community, and learning about a possible solution, Emotional Emancipation Circles.

“These circles are an effort to devise a curriculum and have a process to actually get people an opportunity to address their issues,” said EEC supporter Larry Duncan.

Duncan said the small groups will address these type of issues of self-worth in the black community and hopefully find ways to fix them.

“It's a way that the community can begin a process to actually heal itself,” said Duncan.

Henderson hopes talking about these issues outloud with one another will increase community support and do away with the stereotypes, “People need more opportunities to come together and talk about the lies of black inferiority and the lies of white superiority have meant to their lives”.

Lives that are less toxic Henderson says and less stressful, “They can go back into their schools, go back into their workplaces, neighborhood and families feeling freed and healed”.

There isn’t a place where these meetings will take place, Henderson says possibly a church or school.

Henderson hopes to have a structured curriculum in the Fall.