Emotions ran high at prayer vigil

Posted at 11:29 PM, Dec 08, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-09 00:29:50-05

Emotions ran high tonight outside the apartment complex in Northwest Omaha where a gunman shot and killed a two-year-old girl Sunday night and her mother. Police and community leaders quickly moved in to try and keep the peace.

Eventually they did get everybody to calm down. However before the shouting match between different family members, it was a very peaceful vigil.

The Straughn family was surrounded by friends and community members trying to comfort them during this tough time and hoping something like this doesn't happen to another family.

"I loved her, I loved her with every bone in my body," said Destasia's aunt Misty Straughn, "Destasia was just a joy to our family anytime she came to a gathering she was the light of the room."

It's a trait her family says Destasia's daughter inherited.

"How Kenacia is, she'll run to you--and try to give you a hug. And the fact that they said he shot her first, that means she was running to him trying to go hug him," said Destasia's sister Deasiana Smith.

Straught said she knew of the accussed killer, Dontevous Loyd, and said she warned Destasia he was no good.
"I knew he was going to kill her, I felt it," said Straughn, "When this guy start coming around I just knew he was bad news. I could look in his eyes and I could tell something was dark something wrong."

While the family is trying to move on, the pain of losing two family members is hard to overcome.

"We're here just for a little bit so while you are here love somebody hug somebody, tell somebody I love you," said Straughn.

The Straughn family said the big thing now is they have to forgive. They said they can't change the outcome and use this horrifying experience as a way to bring the family together.