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Everybody loves "Grandma" at Druid Hill Elementary

Posted at 7:36 AM, Feb 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-16 13:50:11-05

A special classroom helper in North Omaha is dedicating her retirement to giving back.  

"You have got to love children to work with them, because sometimes they're just impossible," said Rosetta Herron.

It is a tough task, but nothing Rosetta Herron can't handle.  The almost 90-year-old has been a staple at Druid Hill Elementary School for almost eight years now. 

"What do they call you," asked AM Anchor Emily Szink.
"They call me grandma.  The kids all call me grandma, even the teachers call me grandma," said Herron. 

Fives days a week you can find Herron AKA Grandma in the Head Start classroom. 

"She knows how to work with children, how to give them reassurance and that little boost of confidence," said Head Start teacher Sonja Horton. 

Herron was paired with Sonja Horton's Head Start class through the Foster Grandparents program. She works full days at the school, receiving a few dollars an hour as a stipend through the program. 

"It is not a job for one thing, it is a pleasure," said Herron. 

"She is a very good role model for all of us.  Her spirit is appreciated," said Horton.