'Everybody Wins' movement strives to better...

Posted at 11:17 PM, Apr 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-14 00:17:04-04

‘Everybody Wins,’ a movement organized by nearly forty churches of different denominations in the area, is  striving to transform the Omaha metro area.

During the month of April, participating churches are sending the same message to their congregations, “The world can be changed with an unstoppable love because winning at the expense of others is not nearly as fun when everybody wins.”

The movement focuses on a variety of acts of compassion made by individuals and the churches. Some of the main focuses include renovating North Omaha, hunger relief, education, community events, and caring for people at risk, whether it’s refugees, abused children or people in prison.

“The churches are often known for what they're against but Everybody Wins is really a statement for what the church is for. And we want to convey that to the community because we love our community, said Les Beauchamp, the lead pastor from Lifegate Church.

Potentially thousandths of people are driving throughout the city with the website link written on their car windows, hoping to drive people to check out the website and join the movement.

“We took social media to another level by commissioning 15,000 mobile billboards on the backs of people's cars to spur curiosity,” said Beauchamp. “That’s not something we typically do but everyone is on social media so we thought this would be a great way to try and get more people involved.”

Their website and now popular hash tag shares the stories of compassion and individuals who believe in bettering the city.

Pastor Beauchamp says there’s been an immense amount of support and interest since the mobile billboards became visible. Church leaders hope the movement will continue on for the long haul and can work with the mayor and city officials to make the region a better place.