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Experts remind public motorcyclists are back on streets

Posted: 7:34 AM, Apr 12, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-12 08:34:15-04

As the weather heats up, more motorcycles will be seen on Metro roads. 

With more more motorcycles driving around town, the National Safety Council of Nebraska is helping remind the public to keep your eyes peeled on the road. 

"So you just have to be aware that they're on the street us," Eric Koeppe of the NSC said. "They're smaller, they're harder to see, and it just takes a little more diligence on the drivers behalf to be watching for them." 

Experts say motorcyclists usually keep a better eye on cars and trucks than the othere way around. 

"Without a second look or a third look from the driver, you tend to miss the motorcyclists," Koeppe said. 

That miss could have a similar result to what was seen Wednesday near 32nd and Q, a hit and run crash that left a motorcyclist dead.  

Koeppe said Nebraska's roads have seen increase in fatalities in part because of the increase of motorcyclists. 

The National Safety Council of Nebraska does offer classes on defensive driving for both vehicles and motorcycles to help combat the growing number of fatalities and to raise awareness about having safe roads now.