EXTENDED INTERVIEW: Mother of shooting victim

Posted at 3:15 PM, Dec 07, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-07 16:15:05-05

The mother of Kachelle Roby, who went to the hospital in critical condition after a deadly shooting, recounts her daughter's description of what happened.

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Watch the video above for the full interview:

On her daughter's condition:

"Touch and go, and I'm on my way back to the hospital. She's touch and go. I just wanted to come out here and see the scene and what I could do. Talked to the parents of the deceased.”

When she found out:

“I found out at 5 o’clock in the morning. I got a call from a nurse at the hospital. But they said this happened at 11 and I was like, ‘Why did it take so long for me to find out?’ They said because she couldn’t breathe or talk and they didn’t know who she was until she was able to do so and they notified me.”

Where her daughter was shot?

“Twice in the neck and once in the back.”

Her knowledge of her daughter's friends and the suspect: 

“Not so much this girl. She just started hanging with her, as far as I knew, a couple months ago.”

“The suspect I was familiar with. He’s just, I don’t know, typical. I don’t know. I don’t want to really say. He just wasn’t a nice person.”

“Why he would shoot his friends? You know, I don’t understand. She said she begged for her life and  he still shot her and he knew that she had kids and he knew that some of these other ones had kids and he didn’t care.”

Her daughter's description of what happened:

“She said he came through the back and just started shooting, and shot the 2-year-old first, and the 2-year-old’s mom. And then started shooting other people, and she took off and ran up the stairs and hid in the closet. And he came up the stairs and found her in the closet and she started begging for her life, and he still shot her. He shot her twice in the neck, and then she tried to turn to block the next shot and he shot her in the back and then she faked dead and he left. And then once she heard him leave out, then she went out and she started knocking on people’s doors to get help.”

Her request for prayers:

“The doctor said she’s a fighter, so we’re just going to pray and I just ask that people pray and if you know where he is, please turn him in. He’s dangerous.”

Her daughter's description of what happened earlier:

“From what I’ve heard and got an understanding from my daughter - She’s talking a little bit and she told me the police were called out a couple of hours before because he jumped on the girl that he ended up killing, and they came out and they took him away from here, but the let him go. They didn’t take him to jail and he came back two hours later and then he did this.”