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Facebook group connects Nebraska hunters, fishers

Posted at 5:29 PM, Sep 16, 2020

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Over the past several months, we’ve seen an increase in people enjoying the great outdoors. One facebook group started by a local man offers a great way for hunters and fishers both new and old to connect.

It’s no surprise to anyone that Nebraska is a state with many hunting and fishing enthusiasts. One of those enthusiasts is Joel Leighner of Bellevue, Nebraska, who five years ago, started a Facebook group with a handful of friends to show off their latest find.

“It just started with about 5-10 buddies, just for fun, for bragging rights," Leighner said. "Just to post what we would catch during hunting season.”

Through word of mouth, Leighner's small bragging board has added quite a few new friends to the forum, some of which he’s even met up with in person.

“I never imagined it would grow to almost 20,000 people in five years," Leighner said.

While many post photos of what they find out in the wild, you can also spot the community giving advice and handing down information about secret hunting spots or the best bait to use.

“There’s a lot of people that are veteran hunter and fishers, and there’s a lot of rookies out there that are just getting into the sport that join the page for advice," Leighner said.

Leighner says there seems to be quite a few new rookies on the page this year and more people are getting out and enjoying the great outdoors.

"All the big event were canceled and concerts, so people are trying to figure out other things to do in the community and being outside," Leighner said. "So I have seen a lot more people out with their kids fishing at the lakes and ponds. Its cool to see. I enjoy seeing it.”

The group, Nebraska Fishing and Hunting Bragging Board, is welcoming veterans of the sport or newcomers that live in the Nebraska area. The group has hopes of doing more in person meet-ups once things start going a little bit more back to normal.