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Family concerned about apartment maintenance issues

Posted at 6:44 PM, Nov 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-08 14:02:02-05

A Fremont family is struggling with exposed wiring and drywall inside their apartment and what they say looks like mold.

The family says the ceiling in their apartment unit was leaking on October 15th, which they reported. 

A maintenance man showed up two days later, cutting a hole in the ceiling that's left exposed drywall and piping. That hole still hasn't been repaired.

Casey Croy is frustrated after a leak in her ceiling led to a repairman leaving a mess in her bathroom for going on three weeks. 

"There's wires and insulation above there. It looks like there's mold around the plaster around the hole." said Croy. 

It all started October 15th when Croy noticed something unusual above her shower. 

"The water was running down where all the paint was bubbled up. That's where they cut the hole," said Croy. "It's gross to look at.  It doesn't seem like it's very sanitary I guess.  I just don't understand how somebody is going wear a mask to cut something out and they would leave that open for me and my kids to be around."

Croy's only lived at Yorkshire Manor for about a year. In March, a similar issue caused by water seepage in walls and carpet forced her to move units. 

"The landlord kept telling me there wasn't mold. Well they ended up - the Seldin company - ended up telling me they found mold in there," said Croy. 

A mother of two - Croy says she's concerned for her family's health. 

"My asthma has been acting up since we've been living here. And I'm on three different medications for it. I've never had this problem before," said Croy. "It's not always the best place to live, especially if you're a single mom"

The family says the contacted the health department to test for mold, but were told it would cost hundreds of dollars upfront and would need to be done through an outside company. That money would later be reimbursed by the landlord. If tests came up negative there would no refund. 

Apartment management has not returned our requests for comment.