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Family dedicated to growing Griswold, Iowa

Posted at 6:23 PM, Jul 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-28 19:41:30-04

GRISWOLD, Iowa. (KMTV) - The Sindt family has been in Griswold, Iowa for more than 100 years and they're finding ways to keep it thriving.

Griswold native Justine Sindt used to live in Nashville. Her parents visited her and that's where they got inspired to bring some of Music City back.

"There's already a restaurant in town, there's already bars in town, there are already those things, what could we do?" Justine said. "We were trying to do things that attract people to Griswold, and are also viable."

When Justine moved home, her family decided to open East of Omaha, a live music venue.

"It's just something that's different for the community that isn't offered in a lot of places other than cities," Justine said.

East of Omaha isn't their only contribution to town. Her father, Kevin, says they redo old buildings in town to make more space for housing.

"We have some apartments on Main Street here, in Griswold, that we've refurbished. We have a few buildings down the street," Kevin said. "One is a new photography studio down there, some other offices are in there, a salon, we have a girl in there."

Kevin is dedicated to expanding Griswold.

"As the kids move back and you want them to have a good community to give to their kids," Kevin said.

It's a family making headway by staying rooted in heart and hometown.

"Three of the five kids are in the farming business with us, they'll be in this area with us forever, hopefully, their kids will be in it too," Kevin said. "I'm hoping it will be what they expand on too, keep things nice and current in these small towns."

East of Omaha is open three days a month. For a look at events, click here.