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Family of Camisha Hollis hopes to keep her in public eye

Posted at 10:08 PM, Jul 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-20 23:08:55-04

Camisha Hollis has been missing since early April.

Omaha Police detectives still call the Hollis family frequently to give updates but the message is the same, there's nothing new. Still, Caprice Hollis says she is holding out hope and thinks about her sister every hour of every day.

 "I felt like I was going crazy at one point because there were so many days I'd literally pull over because I'm crying and just random cars would drive by and random people would walk by and I'd see her and I was like 'oh my god is that her' like ready to chase someone down,” Caprice Hollis, sister of Camisha.

Camisha Hollis was last seen April 2nd. Family, friends and even strangers have searched for her throughout the area but at this point, they are unsure where to even look. 

"I have no idea where to go, where to lead people, we've just kind of gone off of where we think somebody would possibly take someone if they wanted to hide evidence and that of course could be anywhere," says Caprice Hollis.  

Hollis' boyfriend Marvin Young will stand trial later this year on three counts of child neglect. Currently, her three children are living with their grandmother Martha Hollis. Caprice says the whole incident has made the family closer. 

“She and Camisha talked every single morning at 6 a.m., just because and when she didn't call right at six that's how she knew something was wrong, I've never talked to my mom every day at six, but now I do just cause, we just check in with each other," says Caprice Hollis. 

Since the search for Hollis has reached a dead end, Caprice urges anybody with any tidbit of information to come forward. 

“Even if you know the boyfriend and he's mentioned something, just say something, anything could help at this point, because obviously whatever they do have is not helping," says Caprice Hollis.