Family of motorcycle crash victim grateful he is alive

Posted at 5:47 PM, Sep 01, 2016

Three separate motorcycle crashes in one day left two people dead and one man seriously injured.

Wednesday morning 27-year-old Jed Workman died when he ran a red light and hit an SUV.

On Wednesday evening 43-year-old Justin Hart was killed when a car pulled out in front of him near 140th and Center.

Then Wednesday afternoon another crash near 68th and Maple put 35-year-old Jeff Massey into the hospital.

“His right arm is really bad, limited use at best they said, left arm is fractured and bolted and all kind of stuff, his pelvis is fractured,” said Massey’s fiancé, Michaela Ginn.

She said she knows he is lucky to be alive.

The two just had a baby girl, and have two other children. Massey also owns his own graphic design company, so there is concern about his right arm, but the support from friends and family has been overwhelming.

“He is surrounded by so much love right now because he gives love,” said Ginn.

She said Massey was up and cracking jokes, and even asked about the other driver.

She said she wishes drivers would pay more attention to what they were doing on the road, something Rider Education Manager Mark Howie also agrees with.

“As a motorcyclist or as a car driver, specifically car drivers when approaching intersections, they need to look and they need to look again,” said Howie.

He has words of advice for drivers, and it's something we have all heard before, “with cell phones, do not drive distracted and actually pay attention to the task at hand.”

There is a Go Fund Me set up for Massey, with information about a fundraiser on the 10th.