Family remembers son, father and grandfather shot and killed Friday

Posted at 7:09 PM, Jul 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-10 20:09:40-04
The family of Billy Walker wants answers and justice - after his murder on Friday night at Benson Gardens Boulevard and Miami Plaza.
His family says he had just moved into his apartment three days earlier. They call his death a senseless act of violence. 
"My dad wasn't supposed to die like that. And he died alone in pain," said Ashley Brannen, daughter of the late Billy Walker. 
It's a crime with no suspect and no motive.
40-year-old Billy Walker described as a loving and devoted family man was shot and killed Friday at his home in Caravelle Apartments in Northwest Omaha. He left behind four children and a granddaughter who will grow up without her beloved "pa pa." They say he had a giving heart. 
"Nobody was there. We don't know what happened.  We don't know who did it. But if I was in front of the person who did it, I'd want them to know that he had a family and he had kids and  his youngest child is 7 years old. She still needs him," said Ashley Brannen.
Walker is described by those who know him best as a fixer upper; someone who wouldn't hesitate to help at a moments notice.
The family says memories of him working around the house are a comfort.  He was always making home repairs and working on cars. They describe him as fearless - not afraid of heights - and say he worked as a tree trimmer. 
Tragedy has touched the family before. Billy's mother, Suzan Walker, is battling cancer. And Billy lost a young daughter, Carly Jo. 
Few details are known about that fateful Friday night that Billy was killed, but the next day Walker's family found his apartment empty. 
"They took all of what was value. There was stuff they threw in the dumpster. They took his clothes his shoes. They threw his underwear and socks in the trash because they don't want to wear those," said Suzan Walker. 
It's not clear who was responsible for removing Walker's belongings. 
"Not a lot we can do about what's already done," said David "Blue" Walker.  
Now, they're leaning on each other for support during this time of tragedy, seeking justice for a life cut short. 
"I lost like part of my heart when he passed away," said Suzan.
"I want to know who did it. I want them behind bars. I want justice for my dad" said Brannen.
Walker's family is in need of help with funeral costs during this unexpected tragedy. The majority of it must be paid for upfront before the service.
There's a Go-fund-me called "Billy Walker Funeral Expenses." You can find it here. 
Walker's funeral is scheduled for July 13th at Hoy-Kilnoski in Council Bluffs.