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Family remembers teen girl killed in school bus fire

Posted at 2:44 PM, Dec 13, 2017

A day after 16-year-old Megan Klindt died in a tragic school bus fire outside the house she lived in, her family talked to 3 News Now about how they are coping.

Megan's father, Glen Klindt, said he wasn't home at the time of the bus fire and would have done anything to help out. He said Megan was a nice, energetic girl who would do anything for anybody.

"She was a Godsend, she was just absolute joy to be around, she was just always full of smiles, and if you were having a bad day she would make you smile," said Glen. 

"She was an amazing girl. hard worker, loved by everybody," said Megan's brother Dan Klindt. 

But according to Megan's sister Jessica Carrigan, she had a funny sided too, "She was just kind of the class clown, she had that personality anytime anybody was feeling down, she knew exactly what to say."

Being a nurse was her dream job according to Carrigan. 

The family said they are relying on their faith to get them through this tough time, "It just gets harder on the days to come once you realize the void that was there when a child is gone," said Carrigan. 

While Megan is no longer physically here, Glen said he knows she's still with him, "Everywhere I look out here on the farm I see her, and I can feel she is with me."

The family said Megan had a close friendship with the school bus driver, Donald Hendricks, 74, who also died in the fire, because she was the first one to be dropped off and the first one to be picked up.

The family is working on funeral details.

The National Transportation Safety Board sent crews to the area to investigate what caused the school bus fire.