Family says man shot by officers was mentally ill

Posted at 5:51 PM, Sep 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-19 18:51:40-04

Sunday morning  a man was shot by two Omaha Police officer after he allegedly fired a stolen gun near the Creighton campus.

26-year-old Kody Conley is still at CHI-Creighton, he is in serious condition and his family said he is in a medically induces coma.

Conley's father, Antione Tureaud, said his son has schizophrenia, and he feels like this situation is all his fault. 

“He needed help and I didn't know what to do, someone told me to commit him and I didn't,” said Tureaud, “I feel like it is my fault a lot, because I should have committed him,” he said.

Tureaud said he feels his son didn’t mean to hurt anyone but was trying to commit suicide by having police shoot him.

“This is what you get when you don't realize the situation and how sick a person is.”

Conley has two children, including a three year old daughter he has custody of.

Tureaud said they are lucky Conley is still alive.

“Police did what they were supposed to do, I am glad they didn't kill him, that is a blessing, thank you Jesus, he is still alive.”

Conley was supposed to be on medication, but his family doesn’t know if he has been taking it.

Tureaud said he doesn’t want his son to go to jail, “I hope he goes to the hospital where he gets help, where they can give him help.”

He also wants other whose love ones may have mental illness to pay attention to the warning signs.

“Stay on top of it, don't go a day without solving the situation and if you can't do anything about it get help, and that is what I didn't, he wouldn't be in there right now.”

Two police officers have been put on administrative leave following the shooting. OPD said they are still investigating.