Family searching for dog who attacked beagle

Posted at 6:02 PM, Aug 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-14 19:02:40-04

Walking a dog in Papillion led to a vicious attack, when another dog pounced on a small pooch.

Tonight authorities are still trying to find the bigger dog.  

Copper is in really bad shape after he was attacked Friday.

He had surgery and is at home recovering.

Tonight his owners are looking for his attacker.

Copper is clearly in pain.

"I feel devastated every time I look at him."

Ed Melechson says Copper was walking with his son and a family friend Friday, when he crossed paths with what the family says may be an American Bulldog.

"Less than five minutes later they came back, the dog had his tail in between his legs, ran upstairs coward in the corner."

Melechson says two tall teenage girls were walking the other dog when their dog became aggressive.

"As soon as the dog saw Copper he charged, the girls fell to the ground and lost control of the leash."

 A family friend says within seconds he stepped in and pulled the dog by the neck off of copper.

"If I didn't something bad would have happened to Copper, and I didn't want that to happen."

Copper’s owners say they immediately drove around the neighborhood looking for any signs of the girls or their dog.

"We could not find them; they ran away with their dog."

The Nebraska Humane Society is calling it a public safety matter, it could have easily been a child.

"We will be cruising that area to locate that dog but we are really hoping someone will call, so we can have a talk with them.”

The Melechson's are now offering a $500 dollar reward for anyone who can help find Copper's attacker.

The Nebraska Humane Society is asking anyone with information to come forward.


The other dog owner may face citations and up to six months in jail.