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Fans gather at Stinson Park in Omaha for Husker Rally Day

Posted at 10:12 PM, Aug 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-25 23:12:31-04

Ahead of next Saturday’s season opener against Akron, dozens of Husker fans of all ages gathered at Stinson Park in Omaha to rally for the upcoming season.

Saturday’s game comes with a new head coach, new offensive and defensive schemes, plus for many a new sense of optimism. “We are big Husker fans,” said an attendee of rally day, Jennifer Larson. Adding to the excitement a taped message from former Husker coach Tom Osborne, who read an Omaha city proclamation declaring it Husker Rally Day. “Fans are enthused and optimistic about the 2018 football season under the new leadership of head coach Scott Frost,” said Osborne.

For the Larson family, getting ready for the upcoming season proved to be just another win for Big Red. It is a constant debate of are we gonna be Huskers or Mavs and the Huskers usually win." Mom Jennifer says it's never too early to start teaching her kids who to root for. “The kids are three and four and we wanted to get them started young,” said Larson.

Fans new and veteran weren't the only people at the park. Former Husker players came out to answer questions and sign autographs. Even Saturday’s heat couldn't keep the most dedicated fans away. “Cause I’ve been waiting 34 years to get this jersey signed,” said rally day attendee, Barbie Ziemba. By Nebraska’s first Heisman Trophy winner, Mike Rozier. Other fans also brought their favorite memorabilia, from posters to helmets.

While every fan attended for a different reason they all could agree that this year has real potential to be a great season. “Programs have ups and downs but you gotta love your team whether they're good or struggling,” said Larson. “Some wins, some loses, they won't be so bad, good coaches, we are excited about all the coaches,” said Ziemba.