Fans pack Omaha sports bars for Super Bowl 50

Posted at 9:24 PM, Feb 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-08 00:51:05-05

Super Bowl 50 is now in the books, for some, Sunday evening was about rooting the for the Denver Broncos or pulling for the Carolina Panthers.

“We have a couple beers and some good times so that's our tradition,” said Broncos fan Craig Moser.

For Panthers fan John Larsen, he like Carolina’s energy, “I like that Ron Rivera, I like the Cam Newton they seem like they are having fun.”

Some people had to choose a side because their team didn’t make it.

“My mother was a Bears fan so Ron Rivera was the coach of the Panthers so I 'm kind of rooting for them to win,’ said Bears fan Tina Volin.

Everyone at the bars were keeping a close eye on every play but some were paying attention more to the commercials than the actual game.

“I love watching the commercials, we always like to see the funny commercials and the halftime shows,” said Volin.

“The Doritos one was pretty good,” said Moser.

With all these fans choosing to watch the game out of the house, the staff at both DJ’s Dugout and Varsity Sports Café and Roman Coin Pizza were ready for the crowds.

 “We have both party rooms that are filling up, the main floor--everyone has a main section today with large parties and small tables too,” said waitress Taylor Staton at DJ’s Dugout.

We have a ton of deliveries going out--so we've had people coming up food and food delivery--it's a little crazy,” said waitress Shawna South at Varsity.