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Farm fresh turkeys being gobbled up for Thanksgiving

Nebraska Heritage Turkey farm says the demand this year has increased
Posted at 7:32 PM, Nov 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-17 20:32:51-05

OMAHA, Neb — Farm-to-table is growing in popularity, especially this Thanksgiving.

"More people have wanted to get in touch with their farmer to know where their food has come from. It has been to our advantage and we have enjoyed getting to know our customers," said William Watterman of Heritage Turkey Farm.

The company says people are becoming more curious about what they are putting in their bodies and the farm is happy to share its process.

"They can see how transparent we are, how we raise the birds, how we treat the birds, how we feed the birds. We make our own feed, all of that is completely open," continued Wattermann.

There are two types of birds at the Nebraska Heritage Turkey Farm: the Heritage White and the Sweet Meat, which is a multi-colored brown bird.

The farm raises about 150 turkeys every year.

"They don't know necessarily where a grocery market turkey comes from. If you follow our Facebook page, you can follow their whole life. The flavor is unparalleled. A lot of chefs like our turkey and a lot of connoisseurs like them," added Wattermann.

The family-owned and operated business in West Point has been raising turkeys for more than 20 years.

"Our birds are able to eat grass, and apples, grasshoppers and bugs and that really helps with their meat flavor not being so bland, they have some character," he said.

They do keep some of the birds to collect eggs to hatch for next year's starter flock.

The turkeys are sold out for 2021 but you can visit their website to sign up for next year as well as get some cooking tips: