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Farmhouse torn down on 180th and Harrison to make way for proposed mixed-use property

Posted at 4:34 PM, Nov 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-07 17:34:13-05

The view on the southeast corner of 180th and Harrison has a new look tonight as a piece of history was torn down early Wednesday afternoon. The farmhouse that used to sit on the corner is now in pieces.

What once was a landmark is now a pile of wood as a demolition crew worked to take down an old farmhouse. “It was just kinda one of those things that out west everybody kinda knew where it was at,” said Hickory Ridge resident, Mary Rosenthal. Mike Earl has owned the 18-acre property for three years and plans to turn it into a mixed-used property for apartments and commercial space. “We believe there is a strong demand for apartments in that area, even though there is an apartment project going on at 192nd and Harrison, we also believe there is a strong retail demand there,” said Earl. 

While some homeowners said it's a natural progression in this neighborhood. “I think everyone has to live somewhere and if it's as nice as it is catty-corner over there I think it would be great," said Hickory Ridge resident, Nathan Sharpe. Others are sad to see the neighborhood landmark go. “When people come in the neighborhood you tell them to turn by the farmhouse,” said Rosenthal.

Earl plans to use 6.5 acres for commercial use and 11.2 for apartments. It's that part of the plan that is raising some concerns. “Obviously we prefer that it wouldn't be apartments with the population density that comes in,” said Rosenthal. Residents say they'll work to embrace the change, and hope, in the end, it will help their neighborhood. “Once it's all done I think it would add a lot to this neighborhood's value depending on what goes in there,” said Sharpe.

No plans for this site are finalized yet, the planning commission approved to rezone the acres for mixed use in February, but the developer must work out a legal agreement with Sarpy County, as well as a wastewater agreement with Gretna. Once the agreements are made the site will get a date to be approved or denied by the board of commissioners.