Fatal gunshot victim's daughter wants answers

Posted at 10:35 PM, Oct 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-29 23:35:37-04
A family displaced after a man and woman were shot at their north Omaha home Saturday morning.
KMTV Action 3 News has this exclusive story with the victim’s 18-year-old daughter and neighbors who were awake at the time of the fatal shooting. 
Suzanne Pope, 35, and Curtis Goodwin, 44, were shot at their home at about 4:30 a.m. at 39th and Kansas.
Pope was pronounced dead on scene.
Goodwin remains in critical condition at the hospital after undergoing surgery Saturday. 
Nikole Pope, 18, found out this morning that her and her 7-year-old sister no longer have a mom.
"Somebody took her life away and I can't just call my mom when I want to,” said Nikole Pope. “I'm upset they took my mom away from my 7-year-old sister and she saw what my mom looked like after the fact." 
Pope says she has these words for whoever killed her mom: 
"For the people who did I just want them to know that they took a mom from an 18-year-old and they took the mom from a 7-year-old and that 7-year-old has to grow up without her mom and I know how hard it is when you need your mom all the time and she doesn't have that now,” Pope said.
Nikole Pope's boyfriend Michael Fontelroy says Goodwin, who is pope’s stepfather, is his mentor.
"He basically replaced as a father figure in my life and he taught me everything I know with cars as a career,” Fontelroy said. “It's just hard right now to realize that this stuff happened.”
KMTV also interviewed two neighbors who say they heard and partially saw what happened at 4:30 Saturday morning on Kansas Ave., who both say they heard two gunshots.
William Colglazier says he saw a man run from the victim's home after the shooting.
"It was just unreal I couldn't believe it was happening,” Colglazier said. “These people down the street, they've never raised a ruckus. I don't know them personally, but they just seem like quiet, normal people." 
Neighbor Jacob Gilbert says there were several kids inside his home when he heard gunshots and saw a black newer model Chevy Suburban speed away from the crime scene. 
"Get all the doors locked, make sure none of the kids stand up and stay down towards the floor because if anything is going to go through here, it isn’t going to go through the floor,” Gilbert said. 
Nikole Pope says her parents don't have medical or life insurance.
They have a GoFundMe page set up to help with medical and funeral expenses.
Pope has custody of her 7-year-old sister.