Fatal hit and run suspect charged with motor...

Posted at 4:18 PM, Apr 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-20 18:52:21-04

Authorities say an undocumented immigrant, allegedly involved in a fatal DUI hit and run, has been arrested in three states for driving under the influence. Douglas County prosecutors are still sorting out all the facts in this case, but are ready to file charges.

Prosecutors say the illegal immigrant will be charged with motor vehicle homicide, leaving an accident, and DUI with three prior under the name Orling Carrasco-Zelaya which is on his Honduran birth certificate.  He’s also given police the name, Edwin Elvir-Palma.

Authorities say he admitted to drinking with the victim, Margarito Nava-Luna, at Bogies Bar and Grill before the fatal crash on April 16.

"They were together earlier in the evening he was dropping him off and hit him with his vehicle.  We have evidence that establishes that,” said Douglas Co. Attorney Don Kleine.

Nava-Luna, a father of four who enjoyed being with family and outdoors, was hit and killed while walking near 104th and Manderson Plaza.  His wife thinks it was intentional because there were no tire marks, only her husband's blood.

Carrasco-Zelaya was arrested with a blood alcohol level of .239.  He's at the Douglas County Jail on an U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement hold because he's been an immigration fugitive since 2012.

He's been arrested for driving under the influence in Nebraska, Florida, and Wisconsin.  KMTV obtained his 2008 mugshot from a DUI arrest near Tampa, Florida under the name Orlin Zelaya.  Then in June 2015 he's arrested near Plattsmouth for DUI and reckless driving where he never showed up to court.

"We've seen people use multiple names, we've seen people use false names, we've seen people use their brother's names when they were arrested to attempt to avoid prosecution so that happens at times," Kleine explained.

Kleine says they're communicating better with u-s immigration on these situations since the Eswin Mejia release.

Carrasco-Zelaya will face a judge on Friday morning.  If convicted he faces up to 27 years in prison.