Father's family wants justice for baby's death

Posted at 10:13 PM, Feb 15, 2017

Last September, 16-year-old Antonia Lopez gave birth to a baby at her apartment complex and threw the newborn out the window.

The baby was only two pounds and died. Prosecutors initially charged Lopez as an adult with felony abuse resulting in death, and earlier this month the cased moved to juvenile court where Lopez admitted guilt.

A judge will decide if Lopez will get probation, be sent to a group home, or end up in a juvenile detention center.

The family of the baby’s father said they hope the justice system works, and Lopez will pay for her crime.

The sister of the baby's father, Jessica Cherry, said the last few months have been rough for the family.

“We never got to hold her while she was alive,” said Cherry. She said they named the baby Pearl after a great-great-grandmother.

“We are all dealing with it in different ways, we are all somewhat angry, we are all hurt, it is just painful we had to burry a baby, she didn't have a chance,” said Cherry.

The family had a funeral for Pearl, her coffin was about the size of a shoe box.

“My brother actually got to put the dirt back in the grave, which meant something to him, he held the casket the whole time.” Cherry said Lopez’s family did not respond or attend Pearl’s funeral, and right now her family is focusing on the court system.

“We are all here, we all should be here for the justice of baby Pearl, regardless of what side of the story you are on, an innocent life was taken.”

Cherry’s brother will be able to visit his daughter at her grave, and does so often, but Cherry said his grieving process is far from over.

“It sucks because I don't want that to take away my brother's innocence, I don't want that to change his views on love and life and having kids in general, but I know this will scar him for a while,” she said.

Lopez will be in court March 24th to hear how a judge will sentence her.