Faturday Food Finds

faturday food finds


Dave Zorko

Dave “The Optimist and Extrovert”
Interviewer of Faturday Omaha’s Food Recognize Food. An Omaha native, he has been enjoying food for a long time in Omaha and beyond. Always looking for new places to try and on the hunt for the next Faturday spot. Dave has been known to mention his dislike of mayo and sour cream (good aiolis and quality mayos may be granted a pass).

Sam Rocha

Sam “The Burger Boss” Rocha
Sam will destroy any burger in his path. He and Dave have been putting the hurt on food together for a long time, way back to Burrito Day. Sam will tell you like it is and thank goodness his voice sounds different than Dave and TJ.


TJ “Dissertation Scientist”
TJ is the best cook of the crew, has the largest vocabulary, and quantity of analysis to match. He sounds a lot like Dave, but he isn’t. TJ likes to break things down and while his palate lines up with Dave’s quite often, TJ likes spicier things and will order differently as well.