Fighters get final workout in before Saturday

Posted at 5:15 PM, Dec 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-07 18:34:24-05

Omaha native Terence “Bud” Crawford is bringing another fight back to his hometown.

The undefeated world junior welterweight champion will take on John Molina Jr. at the CenturyLink Center on Saturday night.  It's the first time Crawford will defend his unified WBO and WBC titles.

Both got in one of their final workouts on Wednesday afternoon.

Molina is the number one contender with a record of 29-6 and he's from Covina, California.  He says he's been in this position before, fighting in front of his opponent's home crowd.

"The Omaha fans have been great, they're boxing fans first, yes they're Bud Crawford fans and rightfully so they're in his hometown, and I think after that night when they see a hell of a fight they're going to be boxing fans even more so,” Molina explained.

Bud's camp says Molina is a dangerous fighter, but he won't spoil another win for Crawford in Omaha.

"I'm looking for Terence to dominate the fight and just have Molina come in here and do what he needs to do,” said Brian McIntyre, Crawford’s trainer.

On Wednesday Crawford did interviews with the promotion company, Top Rank, and others but would not grant an interview request to KMTV Senior Reporter Jake Wasikowski and other local media.

The final press conference before the fight will take place Thursday at noon, and weigh-ins are on Friday at 2pm.  Both are open to the public.