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Financial literacy classes for teens this summer

Posted at 6:21 PM, May 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-10 19:21:19-04

This summer teens in Omaha can have the chance to learn life skills they normally don't get in school.

The two day class teaches money management skills such as credit and how to stay out of debt. 

"Is there anything you wanted to learn in high school that you didn't learn?" said Tanya Cooper.

"All the answers were fiscal," said Cooper.

"I wanted to learn about money, I wanted to learn about how to manage my checkbook, I wanted to learn about investing," said Cooper.

Yes Summit Omaha's Tanya Cooper will present a two day financial literacy class for young adults in the metro area.

"Maybe we should catch them when they are about to get their first job, or go to college, everyone doesn't want to go to college, maybe they want to start a business," said Cooper.

It's a class about building wealth through entrepreneurship, taught by business owners and investors, something Kendrick Adams says he barely learned in school.

"Not a whole lot going into the deep depth of it, we didn't learn it,  they just taught us the basics," said Kendrick Adams.

The hope is to inspire more business owners in North Omaha.

"We have to stop being consumers and start being producers," said Cooper.

To teach teens how to stay out of debt by properly using a credit card.

"The first things you are going to experience is someone slapping a credit card application in your face, they are going to give you that at your college orientation," said Cooper.

"I can guarantee you that," said Cooper.

A piece of advice Adams says would have helped him out tremendously.

"You got to build your credit, I think credit is something most people don't know about," said Adams.

With the ultimate goal to build wealth and more black entrepreneurship in the city.

"Our kids deserve the best of the best, like any other kid, and that's what they are going to get," said Cooper.

"I want to be able to see millionaires that went through my class and own everything that I can see," said Cooper.

For more information on how to register email Tanya Cooper at

You can reach her at The Omaha Star at  (402) 346-4041.