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Finding parking during CWS

Posted: 6:20 PM, Jun 13, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-13 19:20:51-04

The College World Series is just days away and thousands of college baseball fans will pack Downtown Omaha for the games.

"Definitely look for street parking, we have 16 thousand spaces within a six block walk to the stadium, so certainly that would be an ideal situation to get off the street and find those areas," said Ken Smith.

City Parking Manager Ken Smith says there is also 20 thousand parking spaces with eight to ten blocks from the stadium.

"So it's kind of a convenience thing if you want to pay a little more and be closer, certainly take those options," said Smith.

Smith says parking will be available for about four to eight dollars daily.

"If you plan on being there for a long period of time find a long term parking solution," said Smith.

For those living in Omaha, they say it's not always that easy.

"It's not convenient always to come down for an hour or two to search for the parking you want, and sometimes I don't think the info is available to people that there are convenient parking garages available to them," said Lane Butcher.

To make things a little easier, Smith says Park Omaha will be constantly updating information about parking on their social media pages.

Park Omaha says several parking lots and garages are  available.

There's also surfaces parking and garages at MECA for ten to 12 dollar daily, as well as shuttle bus services leaving from Midtown.

"We want to make sure all our visitors are welcomed to the city and we'll provide them parking and fit their traffic needs," said Smith.