Firefighters Raise Money for Ill Colleague

Posted at 5:25 PM, Jul 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-09 18:25:01-04

Bellevue Fire and Rescue asked for the community’s support for a colleague battling cancer.  What they got was an overwhelming response for a local hero - though he’d never let you call him that.


“We got here at 7:30, and I've been nonstop ever since,” said Corey Blum, 19.


Corey’s father Steve Blum, is the reason these firefighters are hard at work - cracking and scrambling over 1200 eggs, frying case after case of sausage…and, of course, pancakes.


“We've already ran out of food once. We got guys running to local grocery stores, picking up more stuff.  And, you know, people continue to come through the door.  So it's great to see people come out and support such a great cause,” said Micheal Miers of the Bellevue Professional Firefighters Association.


The huge turnout is all for Steve, an 18-year veteran of Bellevue Fire and Rescue.


For the past year, Steve has battled cancer and is now in his second round of chemotherapy.


“You know, with him being in the hospital, and him, you know, not being able to do much because he's just been so out of it.  It’s been a roller coaster, and it’s been tough,” said Corey.


Steve’s sons Corey and Ryan say their father’s example and the support of their community and loved ones keeps them strong.


“Amazing.  I can't explain it.  Everytime I see these people, I almost tear up because it feels so amazing.  It feels like they’re our superheroes,” said Ryan, 12.


“Words cannot describe how grateful my family is to all the community to support dad.  We expected 100 people, you know 200 people, and it just turns out it's just way more.” said Corey.


Money raised today will help Steve’s family with medical bills.  A freewill donation for a pancake breakfast, t-shirt sales, and a raffle with homemade items, with contributions delivered in true firefighter fashion - into a boot.


“There's been many nights when he was a volunteer that the pager would go off at 4 in the morning and out he goes, running to a call just to save, you know, into a fire to save someone that doesn't even know,” said Corey.


Over 500 people attended the pancake feed, raising several thousand dollars.  Donations are also accepted at any Bellevue fire station or tomorrow at Smitty’s Garage near Oakview Mall.