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Firework sales begin around Omaha

Posted at 9:56 PM, Jun 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-25 09:33:42-04

At this shop in Bellevue, they are preparing for a huge week in firework sales.

They are unloading, unpacking and setting up shop for their customers.

It's firework season and these volunteers at Bellino Fireworks are busy at work.

"It's just kind of the calm before the storm," said Chuck Mulligan.

Omaha Gross Catholic High School is running this location off Ft Crook Road.

"It's funds for our wresting team, I can speak for us, it funds our food any kind of gear we need to get for the year," said Mulligan.

"We are unloading the fireworks and getting them all on the stands and preparing for the craziness," said Mulligan.

Come 8 a.m. Monday the doors will be open for business.

"It's nice we have a lot of help so we can get this done as quickly as possible and fortunately this year is not super hot out," said Mulligan.

Fireworks can be fun, but Bellino's says play it safe.

"They need to be on a flat surface, one at a time, light the fuse get away from the firework then from there watch the display," said Vince Bellino.

Vince Bellino says their shops have passed inspection.

"Making sure tents on the interior are set up properly so there are enough exits, making sure enough fire breaks are in between tables, there are fire extinguishers out so if something were to happen that already set up in place," said Bellino.

Having a safe, enjoyable holiday is what Bellino says matters most.

"The main thing with consumer fireworks in consumer discharging is making sure they use it for it's intended purpose, every firework has an intended purpose whether it's a smoke bomb or whether it's a 500 gram multi-shot," said Bellino.

Fireworks will be sold from June 25 through July 4 and can be used until 11 p.m. each night.